BAGAMO bags - handmade with love in Germany.

It all started with an idea in 2004. I was inspired by a holster. This should then be a stylish and practical accessory to go out. Due to the high demand in the friend and circle of acquaintances developed slowly a business idea.
Since more than 12 years I sell my bags under the name "AnnaBelle" and also "AnnaS" Bags. Due to steadily growing popularity worldwide and sales far beyond the borders of Germany and Europe, I decided in 2018 to change the name of my label and give it a more international flair, which appeals equally to women and men from all over the world and a connection of the Love to my work and the product manufactures. The result is the name BAGAMO, a pun that means pocket love. (English bag = bag, Latin amor = love).
Each bag is made only after order and receipt of payment in elaborate craftsmanship. The special thing about my work is the great love of detail and the versatility of the product.

I am happy to accept special customer requests and look forward to every new idea.